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DRM are continually reviewing new products that we can offer online.

From time to time we will place details of these on this page before the webpages for that product are ready.

LOOOKING FOR DUTASTERIDE? - Dutasteride is a treatment for hair loss which is under development which promises to be more effective than other treatments currently on the market.
DRM will be offering Dutasteride when it becomes available.DRM INFORMATION SITE

Other products?

DRM operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines.

We get many enquiries from customers asking if we can supply any other pharmaceutical products than those we advertise.

All products that DRM are able to advertise and supply are already on the websites and we are unable to supply any other forms or classes of drugs.

We are always interested in new products that help people enjoy better and longer lifestyles, but to comply with the law we are unable to advertise any pharmaceutical products that have not yet received their British Product License and neither do we advertise any products which our management or our doctors would consider it unethical to supply by mail order.

DRM do NOT therefore advertise products such as other slimming or mood-enhancing drugs, GHB, HGH, Anabolic Steroids or even Melatonin or DHEA.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that we have stopped supplying ACETYL-L-CARNITINE & ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID due to low demand and supply problems for the product.

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