Direct Response Marketing (Jersey) Limited, jersey, channel islands. Mail Order Online Pharmacy.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, Uprima, Xenical, Avodart, Regaine (Minoxidil). Treatments for impotence, hair loss and weight loss.  
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering. Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
 All major Credit Cards accepted
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
CALL OUR ORDER HOTLINE - 0845 121 6667 International - (44) 1534 510271
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
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Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
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Impotence treatment drug. British Online Pharmacy.
Impotence treatment drug. British Online Pharmacy.
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Xenical Sales pharmacy. Xenical online ordering.
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Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
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Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
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Registered Pharmacy sales
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.
Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, British Online Pharmacy. Viagra online ordering.

    We listen to our customers,

    We welcome comments and constructive criticism.

    (Due to the personal nature of the products we supply, we never publish our customers names)

    All comments are in chronological (date) order. To see the most recent click here to go to the end.

    "Thanks again very much for your very efficient work! I'm seriously impressed! ;-)"
     : Thanks!

    "I have used DRM before and found it to be very good,with the additional email advertising after purchase an excellent idea."
     : Thank you

    "The order arrived this morning. That was very fast. Superb service.!"
     : Well thank you!

    "Great and Quick Service"
     : Thank you

    "This is a well constructed site. Very efficient and easy to use."
     : Glad you approve, we try to make the site easy to use for everyone.

    "Many thanks. I think your site is the very best on the Internet and congratulate you on a full clear and concise format."
     : Thanks!

    "Well done, bloody marvellous. I placed an order on Thursday just before lunch time and it was delivered safely to me at 10am this morning."
     : We can't take all the credit - dont forget to thank the postman when you see him!

    "Please give a pat on the back to all concerned. Your site, service and assistance is without equal anywhere on the web."
     : We all try hard to treat our customers as we would want to be treated. Thank you.

    "Always had a prompt and discreet service from DRM, thank you and 'keep it up' !!!"
     : Thank you!

    "Thank you once again."
     : You are welcome. Thank you also for your comments.

    "i have used your services befor and i am very pleased with the service you offer"
     : We're glad you approve!

    "Used your Company before. Excellent service with the genuine product."
     : Thanks!

    "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service!!! I placed the order late yesterday, and it came this morning!! Now thats service!!!!!!!! Thank you."
     : We try our best. Thank you.

    "Thank you all for an amazingly quick service."
     : We're glad you approve!

    "Easy to use"
     : Thank you

    "Good Service. Very pleased to date. "
     : Thank you. We aim to please.

    "Clear & easy to use."
     : Thank you

    "The website format and design appears very professional and tastefully understated. Would seem to inspire confidence in the customer."
     : Thank you We hope so.

    "this is the first time i have visited your web site and if your service is as good as your web site i will be most impressed."
     : Thank you Prepare to be impressed!

    "Easy and dignified."
     : Thank you

    "It was a nice easy site to use"
     : Thanks

    "comments: Seems to be a professional-run organisation"
     : Thank you

    "ok so far"
     : Thank you

    "good "
     : Thank you

    "Easy to understand order form, no hassle "
     : Thank you

    "I was very pleased with my last order and the timely response to my request."
     : Thank you. We aim to please

    "Clear instructions easy to follow procedures - FAQs helpful"
     : Thank you

    "Order recieved OK last time , awaiting this next order."
     : Thank you

    "Very good site & order form"
     : Thank you

    "Seems very professional"
     : Thank you. We aim to be as professional as possible

    "service previously has always been prompt and efficiant - many thanks"
     : Thanks!

     : Thank you!

    "Very easy to use."
     : Thank you

    "I'm trusting you here. I hope this isn't a scam otherwise there will be trouble! If both product and service are as good as they appear to be then you will secure my custom."
     : Thank you!. I am sure you will be satisfied.

    "Thanks for being there for people overseas with limited or no other resources."
     : Thank you. We are glad to help.

    "great service"
     : Thank you

    "I appreciate the way you quickly rectified the mistake made in my December order.
     : Thank you

    I did not receive a shipment but was charged for it. When I informed DRM , my account was quickly credited. Thank you"
     : Thank you. Our guarantee is safe delivery of your goods or we refund or reship.

     : Thank you

    "Seems good! "
     : Thank you

    "good site, easy to use. look forward to using product"
     : Thank you. I hope it's everything you desire.

    "I think its terrific that I can by them like this over the net! Thank you so much."
     : Thank you

    "Thank you for solving this embarrising problem easily"
     : Thank you

    "In comparing to other sites, it was more clear. I want to

    order only a few pills to try. That was possible. By other sites you can

    order only many pills at once."
     : Thank you. We aim to deliver what people want.

    "very efficient"
     : Thanks

    "you the best and fast viagra store "
     : Thank you. We try hard to be the best.

    "Thank You for eccepting my order. I was precribed viagra by my Doctor but I refused them I think because I was embarrased."
     : Thank you. We understand.

    "It is a very good site. "
     : Thank you

    "I still have some concern with giving credit card number on line"
     : Be reassured that you are safe dealing with DRM.

    "Friendly e-mail backup"
     : Thank you!

     : Thank you

    "your web-site is very user-friendly"
     : Thank you. We aim to make it easy for our customers.

    "nope its good!" I like it"
     : Thank you

     : Thank you

    "Straightforward and easy to use."
     : Thanks!

    "seems a good service, time will tell if the product is good."
     : Thank you. We hope its everything you wanted.

    " very informative.Fast service.One of the better sites I have visited"
     : Thank you!

    "Thanks for your help."
     : Thank you

    "very clear and easy to navigate"
     : Thanks

     : We are glad to be able to help!

    "was very good last time I used it"
     : Thanks!

    "Site and Service looks to be excellent.Easy and quick to find and get around."
     : Thank you

    "Fantastic,fast order service."
     : Thanks!

    "website clear & easily understood"
     : Thank you

    "Your service is efficient. Thank you. "
     : Thank you!

    "Have ordered before and found you to be reliable."
     : Thank you. We try to be the best.

     : Thank you

    "I have now ordered twice from DRM"
     : Thank you!

     : Thank you

    "Very simple to use - well thought out information design"
     : Thanks!

    "easy to use and clear."
     : Thank you

    "seems a very nice easy clear site and simple to fill out"
     : Thank you

    "i had a first class service.i recieved my product within a few days many thanks."
     : Thank you

    "Web site seems VERY easy to use - very impressive. My biggest worry is the 'offshore' address for your company; I was a little bit worried about the complications of obtaining redress if the order was NOT fulfilled. I guess most people would rather be dealing with a company on the mainalnd of their native country. Otherwise, you seem to have a very clear, efficient system."
     : Please don't be concerned. We are 100% legitimate and stand by our guarantee - If your goods do not arrive for any reason, we will re-ship or refund your order

    "very easy, no fuss site to order from, i will use again without hesitation"
     : Thank you

    "Comments; I particularly like the facility where you inform my doctor. One less job for me. Thanks."
     : Thank you

    "Thank you for your professionalism and timeliness."
     : Thank you!

    "a discreet satisfying service (so to speak)"
     : Its always nice to hear from satisfied customers!

    "this is my 2nd order, and if the service remains its present high standard, you can expect many more"
     : Thanks. Glad you approve.

    "excellent service, thank you"
     : Thanks!

    "Dear Sirs, The package arrived. Thank you very much. It is easy to recommend your business now again."
     : Thank you. Lots of our business comes from personal recommendations from happy customers like yourself.

     : Thanks. Your order is on the way.

    "Many thanks for supplying my order ive just been on holiday with my wife for 10 days in turkey. And with your order it was like a second honeymoon!!!.. Im well happy and in the near future would like to re-order. Again Many Thanks. Please send me details. Thanks"
     : Thanks!. We hope your wife is even happier than you!

    "Just to let you know, I received my order on the 25/9/2000. As it was my first purchase over the internet I am 100% satified with your company."
     : Thanks!.

    "I have now picked up my parcel from the post office. Thank you very much for your prompt replies which made the process very simple. It makes a pleasant change to receive good professional support from mail order firms, so your efforts are even more appreciated."
     : Thanks!.

    "Thanks so much for the update on my order. I really appreciate your quick and thorough response."
     : Thanks!.

    "I received my order today. Thank you very much, I'll be happy to do business with you in the future."
     : Thanks!.

    "Hi, this is just a letter of Full Support for the service You supply. There has recently been some bad publicity over here regarding yourselves. But I Want to let you know that ive ordered twice now off you for Viagra (my love life is now Great) Its like being young again!"Thanks for your vote of confidence. It's best not to believe everything that the media in this country reports!

    "ORDER RECEIVED IN 9 DAYS. THANKS A MILLION"Thanks. We're only sorry it didnt arrive sooner.

    "Thanks for your prompt reply - nice doing business with you!"Thank you

    "I must say that your service is impeccable!"Thank you so much! (blush)

    "Very easy to use site. Very impressed with the design and ease of ordering..."Thanks!

    "Sofar very good and reliable service"Thank you

    "Thanks very much for the help. If I need your product in the future I will sure order from you."Thanks

    "Thank you. This (Zyban) has worked for me after numerous attempts at giving up smoking I thought I would never do it. But I have with your product. It is excellent. Thank you again."Welcome to a longer, healthier life.


    "I shal be ordering from you again when I need more. Thanks again"Thanks.

    "Used your Company before. Excellent service with the genuine product."Thank you!

    "very efficient service"Thank you. We try! :)

    "I think the site provide an excellent opportunity for overweight people like myself to do something about their weight without having to go to dodgy diet clinics or non-sympathtic doctors. thank you."Thanks.

    "Good service so far!"Thank you. We aim to maintain the level of service that keeps you happy!

    "I am astounded by the website. Never before have I been so impressed with a particular site. I would like to congratulate you on achieving this fantastic display of information. The information is easy to understand and specific products relating to precise problems is quick and easy to find - I know where to come again and again for a wonderful service that is given (and beyond)! Thank you greatly"Thank you so much! We spend a lot of time and effort trying to make our sites intuitive and friendly to use for everyone. I hope and trust that the rest of our service can live up to your expectations.

    "YOur site was quick and easy to use! Makes a change"Thanks. We try hard to make the whole process as simple and safe as it can be.

    "My husband has ordered from your site before and we were very happy with the efficient and speedy service you provided."Thank you! I hope you are both happy with the products and service.

    "I am in fact very impressed with your "turn-round time"Thank you! We have since improved our despatch and offer 48 hour (UK) delivery on all prescription items.

    "Thank you very much for a brilliant service/help"Thanks. Its what we're here for!

    "brilliant service, thankyou"Thanks!

    "I think you are a star!..thanks. and I think that DRM are pretty good for doing it.. I will recommend you to friends"Thank you!

    "thank you for the very quick service in the past."Thank you

    "I have looked at a number of sites and was very pleased on how user friendly your website is."Thanks. Its our customer's feedback that helps us make it so.

    "exellent service, thank you for changing my life, wish i could afford more viagra,"Thanks! We are currently running a special offer of 25% more Viagra for your money. Hope this helps

    "I placed an order with yourselves for some viagra, and I would like to thank you for a prompt and efficient service, I would certainly re-order from you again."Thanks!

    "Thanks.I received the first order today - excellent service"Thank you

    "Just to let you know, the very fact that you only print positive feedback makes me skip through all them not taking any notice whatsoever.
    Why don't you print the negative feedback? Either, you have something to receive no negative feedback?
    Which is the most likely I wonder...well, I'd class this as negative, so if you don't post this then that answers my question.
    And anyone who happens to ask me too, I'll make sure they get honest and fair feedback from me.

    Well thanks for the feedback. To answer your points; we dont publish negative feedabck mainly because we very rarely receive any.
    It could be argued that if people are not satisfied, they just dont bother complaining but go elsewhere instead, but we generally find that we have a very loyal customer base.
    As a matter of interest, we do not publish all of the positive feedback we receive either, or this page would probably be too large to download!
    The comments here were randomly posted from ones that were received when we had the time to add them to this page. I am making a special effort to add yours here today since you asked so nicely! ;)

    "Very quick delivery (two days after payment) with helpful, friendly consultants. The best service I have received on the web."Thanks.

    "Since my last order I have found several conmen on the internet selling fake pfizer viagra. From now on I will stay with you as you are tried and trusted."Sorry to hear about your bad experience, but please dont say we didt warn you.

    "you offer a fantastic fast service, very friendly staff, if only all companies were as efficient!!Thanks a lot! (and please tell your friends!).

    "Thanks for the very prompt response - I have had two mail shots over the years I have been dealing with DRM. I would be very happy to recommend your company to others for your quality and discretion. In my view, this prompt attention to detail is also very strong evidence of your professionalism."Thanks for your comments.

    "I think your service is great. Cheap and fast and reliable."Thank you!

    "I would like to say that I have used this service many times and have always found it efficient and reliable. Keep it up! Thanks"Thanks to you also.

    "I have always been impressed with the efficient service of DRM."Thank you.

    "Thanks for processing my order so promptly. It's the first time I've used your company and I'm impressed!"Thank you.

    "CONGRATULATIONS and thanks. My order was delivered today morning to Hindhead, Surrey, just as my relative was leaving for the airport to come to Miami. This is the best service, I have ever had ordering by e-mail anywhere. Please pass these comment to the persons processing this order. ."Thanks very much.

    "DRM are a really good company, one of the most reliable and professional on the internet - so a big thank you for that!."Thank you.

    "And congratulations on great customer service – an increasing rarity in these times."Thanks. We do try.!

    "Many thanks for the extremely efficient way my order with you was handled. I'm especially impressed with the speed of delivery. The package arrived this morning at around 10:30 am, less than 24 hours after the order was processed. I couldn't wish for a better service from any company. I am sure I will be placing further orders in the future with DRM."Thank you.!

    "I am very impressed with the efficency of your service and am keeping your promotional material received today for use at a later date."Thank you.

    "Many thanks Madam, I received the shipment today, I appreciate the speedy delivery and excellent service."Thank you.

    Do you wish to comment?

    Our excellent service has been built upon listening to our customers.

    We welcome your comments and constructive criticism.

    (Due to the personal nature of the products we supply, we never publish our customers names)


    This is not for order enquiries. If you wish to query an order status please email DRM order processing dept.

      If you would like a response to any points raised, please enter your name and email address (we cannot answer if you do not enter these details, as the form data we receive is anonymous)

      Your name;


      Thank you!



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